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We Are...

... aquatic enthusiasts, fish geeks, Salties,

plant geeks, and your basic fish nerds. We are

from a large area of NC and SC, from near the VA line,

the Great Smokey Mountains (and beyond), to the breakers of Charleston, SC. Our base of operations is Charlotte, NC but we welcome anyone from the adjoining areas to come and experience CAAS. Our interests include South American (Discus/Apistogramma), Rift Lakes (Malawi/Tanganyika), Catfish, Planted Tanks, Invertebrates, Betta Splendens, Labyrinth Fish, Reefs/Salt water, and more.

About Us

The Charlotte Area Aquarists Society (CAAS) is a non-profit educational and social organization. The society was founded in 2003 for the purpose of furthering the aquarium hobby by the dissemination of information and advice. CAAS is a place for those interested in all that is aquatic to gather together to exchange information and spend time having fun with fellow Aquarium Enthusiasts'.


We are a very informal group. Typically we meet on 2nd Saturday of the month. There is a tour of the location, open talk about “Fish” (No one will have glazed eyes!!!) , and fish sales/trades. There are outings and collecting adventures during the year. Come and join us at a meeting, non-members are welcome to attend and only ask that if you are going to attend more than one meeting that you become a full member of CAAS. Check out our Meeting page to find out when and where CAAS will have our next meeting.

Everyone is Invited to...

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